14 Reasons Online Buyers Abandon Their Shopping Cart

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Over the past four years shopping cart abandonment rates have run in the 60% range, meaning six in 10 shoppers who place items in a cart do not check out (eMarketer). Abandonment is when a shopper puts something in their cart, but doesn’t actually purchase. Here are 14 Reasons Online Buyers Abandon Their Shopping Cart.

14 main reasons people abandon their shopping cart

Shopping carts are abandoned for a variety of reasons, but they all have the same outcome – lost sales. So what are some common reasons people abandon their cart?

(Findings via Statista):

1. Presented with unexpected costs

2. Just browsing

3. Found a better price elsewhere

4. Overall price too expensive

5. Decided against buying

6. Website navigation too complicated

7. Website crashed

8. Process was taking too long

9. Excessive payment security checks

10. Concerns about payment security

11. Delivery options were unsuitable

12. Website time out

13. Price presented in a foreign currency

14. Payment was declined

Reasons online buyers abandon their shopping carts

Be sure to track your websites shopping cart abandon rates and what step in the process it is taking place. Where buyers are dropping off can be indicative of where the problem lies.

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