5 Steps for Developing Your Franchise Leadership

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When running a franchise, you have plenty to consider: finance, operations, marketing, tech, the list goes on. But more important than anything else is how you lead your franchise. This is what will lead to franchisees eager to join the company and keep current franchisees satisfied with their decision. Entrepreneur identified 5 important steps to help you develop your franchise leadership.

1. Develop a clear vision and plan.

Many companies suffer due to the lack of a plan. This leaves the team to struggle for direction and spend time putting out fires instead of taking constructive action. This is like taking a journey without a map.

The first step is to write down the company leadership vision. Be specific and include job descriptions and action items.

2. Choose your model.

I always say that it is critical to identify your operating system and adapt the business model accordingly. Your operating system is what makes you tick? For instance, if you have experience and work better in the field than behind a desk, you may be more effective as a hands-on trainer than as an in-office resource. In this example, you may choose to have others run the office duties.

3. Examine your current team.

One of the more painful consulting duties I have had over the years has been the duty to reposition or remove team members. This can be especially difficult if the individual is a friend or family member.  Make sure each member of your team is the most qualified for the position.

Don’t be afraid to make necessary changes for the good of the overall company. Be selective as you add people to your organization to make sure they are a good fit and have what it takes to help your company thrive.

4. Get outside help.

I frequently hear from my clients that they don’t know what they don’t know — they don’t know where to start or what they need to learn. Leadership is one area that has many resources for ongoing education and development. Recently, I attended the Multi-Unit Franchise Conference in Las Vegas. One of the most successful multi-unit franchisees stated that the most important strategy he has implemented was signing up for a leadership training and development program.

5. Use technology tools.

Engagement and implementation are the most important factors of any business system. Technology tools can enable you to make sure that the leadership key performance indicators (KPIs) are executed and are being tracked. You will want to make sure that the technology tools also help you implement the important leadership development tasks and behaviors on all levels of your organization.

Inspire Your Franchisees

Franchisees don’t need you to motivate them – they were motivated enough to invest their hard-earned money and time in this venture. They need your inspiration, according to Rick Grossmann. So all 5 examples above should go into you being the best inspiration possible to your franchisees.

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