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The foundation for any business is the products and services that it offers. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs sell a particular product or service because they are passionate about it. Other entrepreneurs are more passionate about online marketing. For these people, finding a niche market is more about being profitable than it is following a dream.

Below are some considerations for choosing a niche and some examples of potentially profitable niches for new ecommerce websites.


Buyer Interest

An obvious factor that you need to consider before picking a niche for your ecommerce business is buyer interest. There is nothing worse than gathering an inventory of products that no one wants to buy. Consider the popularity of the niche you want to cater to and how passionate the buyers are within that niche.


One of the main reasons for choosing a niche market is to avoid major competitors however, even smaller niche categories can be full of competitors. If the products you are considering are offered by Amazon or other large online retailers, then you shouldn’t even waste your time trying to compete on price. Try to find a product or product category that has a low or reasonable amount of competition and is something that isn’t offered by larger retailers.


Making money is the main reason to starting any business. Before taking the risk of starting your own ecommerce business, it is important to make sure you will have good margins on the products you are going to sell. In general, you want to have at least a 20% margin on lower priced items. Having razor thin margins will make expanding your business extremely difficult and any potential returns will be a huge threat to your profitability.

Ecommerce Niche Examples

Automotive Parts and Accessories

There are millions of automobiles on the road in America. The automotive parts and accessories retail segment is a huge market that has a lot of demand. Even capturing a fraction of the market for online automotive-related sales can lead to a large amount of business.

There are many different automotive categories and niches that a business can target. Think about how many different types of cars are on the road and how many people that are passionate about their cars. An ecommerce business can: specialize on a particular make or model, rare accessories, and much more.

Rare or Unique Consumer Electronics and Accessories

Consumer electronics are one of the most popular product categories for online purchases. While it is not a good idea to take on competitors such as Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart, new ecommerce sites can differentiate themselves by focusing on products that big companies don’t carry. New ecommerce sites would be best suited to focus on electronics and accessories that are hard to find or are unique. An example would be old video games such as Nintendo 64 games or Sega Genesis games. These games are not offered by large competitors like GameStop, Walmart, or Best Buy and the games can be hard to find because they are no longer being made.

Jewelry and Accessories

Following the theme of hard-to-find and unique products and accessories, new online jewelry retailers probably won’t want to start their business by offering products that are identical or similar to the products that much larger competitors offer. It would be much better to focus on what are called long-tail products.

New stores could feature handmade jewelry from upcoming, lesser-known designers. Other approaches could include: vintage items, items made from unique materials, or only offering products that don’t use diamonds or other gems mined with forced labor.

You could also consider offering subscription services or rental services. Your site could run promotions on jewelry rentals that match seasons or certain events such as weddings.

Apparel and Accessories

Apparel and accessories is a broad category that has a large marketplace. Offer unique and rare products that are not readily available in stores. Some examples include plus-sized, maternity, or vintage clothing.

Overall, it is important to choose a niche that has a good potential for customers. It’s equally important to sell products that have good margins. Picking a niche as a launching pad for your ecommerce start up on is a good way to enter the online marketplace. Once your business is successful within a niche then it may be possible to expand into larger product categories.

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