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Long before blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, marketers used email to communicate with customers and prospects in a similar mode as direct mail. Deploying a message to a list, with an offer, to generate a response. Email marketing is not dead. For online retailers, email marketing is a must. In fact, email continues to outperform other marketing mediums.

Below we will share surprising ecommerce email marketing statistics, benefits of email marketing, and 6 triggered email opportunities.

Email Marketing Statistics

Shopify recently shared these email marketing statistics from Blue Kangaroo:

  • Email has an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association)
  • 80% of people say they receive marketing messages alongside their personal emails on a daily basis.
  • 70% of people make use of coupons or discounts they learn about from email.
  • 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a business.

Benefits of Email Marketing

In addition to its ROI and monetary benefits for ecommerce companies, email marketing is also a bargain in comparison to direct mail due to its print and postage costs. Also, it is more measurable. When using email software or an ESP, the metrics or campaign measures are robust and include open-rates, click-through-rates (CTRs), bounces, and opt-outs.

The immediacy of email is untouchable by any other marketing medium, especially for ecommerce companies. And the combination of metrics and immediacy allow you to test subject lines and even offers. Email campaigns can easily be customized, personalized and otherwise targeted to the individual or market segment. Finally, email lends itself to ongoing communications with customers and prospects who opt-in to newsletters and related communications.

Triggered Emails For Ecommerce

Triggered emails are automatic messages that are sent to an audience/list based on a specific event like a sign-up or purchase and are based on subscriber information. This type of email provides so many opportunities for online retailers to communicate with customers. In addition to transactional email notifications (purchase confirmation, shipping, etc.) here are 6 ideas for triggered emails:

  1. Welcome Email – Welcome new subscribers with an email that provides more information, give a special offer, etc.
  2. Abandoned CartsShoppers abandon carts for a variety of reasons, and the window for getting the purchase is small. Send a triggered email to encourage customers to complete their purchase.
  3. Birthdays – Send subscribers a special birthday message or discount.
  4. Holidays – Depending on your business, it may be relevant to send a special holiday-timed discount (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
  5. Product Reviews/Recommendations – Get great and unique content on your website by reaching out to customers after they receive their product and ask for a review/recommendation.
  6. Thank You – An often forgotten email, but show your thanks to your loyal customers with a thank you email/discount.
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