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By the end of the decade, Generation Z, which is about 23 million strong, will be flooding the workforce. This group born in the mid-to-late 1990s or later, makes up one quarter of the United States population and by 2020 they will account for one-third of it. While they are mostly born to Millennial parents, they are very different from their parent’s generation in several ways.

It’s important to recognize the differences between the two to adjust your business, prepare leadership, and adapt recruiting efforts in order to remain relevant within your industry.

According to generations’ experts there are five main differences you need the heads up about:

Short Attention Span

Generation Z has grown up with smart phones, a multitude of apps, 3D printing, etc. They therefore process information faster than any other generation. So keeping the attention span of this generation is harder than ever. Generation Z’s attention span is 8 seconds compared to Millennials’ 12-second attention span.

Individuality is Important

Millennials grew up with helicopter parents who watched their every move. Generation Z embraces uniqueness and independence. Nearly, 92% of Gen Zs have a digital footprint.

Early Workforce Entrants

Employers are anticipating that more teens between the ages of 16-18 will go straight into the workforce, finishing school online possibly and skipping any higher education initially. They are self-learners and believe they can gain corporate experience early.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

What’s good for Millennials is that 72% of those in Generation Z hope to take what they learn in Corporate America and apply it to their own business. Due to growing up in a highly connected world, has lead to this generation being more entrepreneurial in nature.

Expect Diversity

Generation Z was schooled in classrooms focused on diversity and collaboration. In addition they have been online with the rest of world for their whole lives. They are global citizens and expect their workplace to reflect this value as well.

Source: Business Journal News Network. 7 Differences Between Generation Z and Millennials As They Enter The Workforce. May 8, 2017. P10.

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