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No question, there are many legal issues and obligations confronting small business owners today. To help small business owners anticipate and understand common legal needs, a Legal Guide for Small Business is now available.

This easy-to-use guide identifies the Top 10 Legal Requirements for a small business, along with details and information for each. In addition, the Legal Guide for Small Business provides a legal checklist, and multiple legal resources including the Small Business Administration (SBA). Following is a list of the Top 10 Legal Requirements for Small Business.

Top 10 Small Business Legal Requirements

  1. Originating Documents
  2. Business Names (DBAs, etc.)
  3. Licenses and Permits
  4. Bylaws and Operating Agreements
  5. Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media
  6. Protecting Data and Intellectual Property
  7. Employment Law Issues
  8. Financial (bank accounts, taxation, etc.)
  9. Corporate Record-Keeping and Compliance

Please download your complimentary copy of the Legal Guide for Small Business.

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