20 Best Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Chicago

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The world of startups is challenging and without a push from external sources, it can become overwhelming and difficult to keep going. Luckily for Chicagoans, the local tech ecosystem is flourishing, and, with a great sense of community, several local incubators and accelerators are offering a lending hand. Whether your needs are for training or mentoring, funding or facing day-to-day challenges, these incubators and accelerator have you covered.

20 Best Chicago Incubators and Accelerators

Catapult Chicago

Catapult is a hybrid co-working space/incubator built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Their peer-selected community hails from a variety of backgrounds and industries, with about 30 current members and alumni benefiting from Catapult’s success.

Location: 321 N Clark St

Category: Incubator


1871 is a cornerstone of the Chicago tech ecosystem, home to more than 400 startup digital tech startup with massive growth potential. They’ve recently made their third expansion, adding 40,000 additional square feet to their growing tech hub.

Location: Merch Mart

Category: Incubator


2112 is modeled after 1871 and aims to provide similar services and support to Chicago’s film, music and creative technology companies. 2112 is located within Fort Knox Studios, a larger community for Chicago’s creatives.

Location: 4245 N. Knox Avenue

Category: Incubator


BLUE1647 is a tech and innovation hub in Chicago with a clearly defined goal: to support and improve Chicago’s economic development by teaching technological and professional skills. They work with entrepreneurs, nonprofits and creatives to make a lasting impact.

Location: 1647 S. Blue Island Ave, 815 W. 63rd St, 2111 S. Hamlin Ave, 11627 S. Michigan.

Category: Incubator

Bunker Labs

Bunker Labs is Chicago’s home for entrepreneurial veterans. Their mission? To arm former service members with the technical skills, business acumen and networking opportunities with mentors and investors required to grow a successful business.

Location: Merch Mart

Category: Incubator

Catalyze Chicago

As the line between physical and digital products becomes increasingly more blurred (thanks to booming industries like connected devices, the Internet of Things and wearable tech), many a digital entrepreneur has turned to manufacturing. That’s where Catalyze comes in — they partner with companies to provide the manufacturing tools and support (on top of connections and other perks) to help small businesses thrive.

Location: 650 W Lake St

Category: Incubator

Elmspring Accelerator

Elmspring is a three-month venture accelerator designed to propel real estate and housing tech companies to the next level. Elmspring promises to open the door to the real estate resources and connections a small tech business in the industry needs to scale — and scale fast.

Location: Merch Mart

Category: Accelerator


Healthbox, a health tech-focused arm of Chicago investment firm Sandbox Industries, is an accelerator program that helps startups with disruptive potential test and validate their business models at scale.

Location: 1K Fulton Market

Category: Accelerator


INCISENT labs takes the incubator experience and reimagines it entirely. Instead of taking in fledgling digital startups, INCISENT builds disruptive and innovative ideas in-house from their conception, watching them eventually leave the coop and grow into fast-growing companies.

Location: 833 W Jackson Blvd

Category: Incubator

Insight Accelerator Labs

For startups looking to disrupt the healthcare industry with their tech-enabled medical devices, Insight Accelerator shines. They provide member companies at all stages with all the resources a startup needs to fuel growth.

Location: 4660 N Ravenswood Ave

Category: Accelerator


MATTER is 1871’s health tech incubator cousin, providing its member companies with a package deal of events, resources, community and education that helps grow not only individual companies, but also Chicago’s contributions to health tech innovations on a national — and global — scale.

Location: Merch Mart

Category: Incubator


Propel, a program run by the iBIO Institute, is dedicated to helping young companies in the life science industry develop and grow. They offer the resources and industry expertise needed to prepare companies for early-stage funding.

Location: 65 Lower Wacker

Category: Incubator


One of Chicago’s newest additions to the incubation/acceleration landscape, Roniin is an innovative take on what it means to grow successful companies. Roniin starts with a novel, disruptive idea and marries it with the capital, talent and entrepreneurial resources needed for explosive success.

Category: Incubator

Sunshine Enterprises

Sunshine Enterprises is hyper-focused on small, neighborhood-based entrepreneurs and business. Their program is dedicated to education and coaching to help that niche of business grow.

Category: Accelerator


One of Chicago’s earliest tech hubs, TechNexus launched in 2007 to give entrepreneurs an informal space to connect with one another around emerging problems and opportunities. Since then, TechNexus has grown into a staple on the Chicago tech circuit, helping more than 350 local companies grow.

Location: 20 N Upper Wacker Dr

Category: Incubator/Accelerator

TechStars Chicago

Born as Excelerate Labs, Techstars Chicago has since become the premier accelerator program in the city. The three-month program connects up-and-coming entrepreneurs with the best tech mentors Chicago has to offer, in addition to capital, office spaces and about a million dollars worth of benefits and perks.

Location: Merch Mart

Category: Accelerator

Treehouse Adventures

Treehouse Adventures is a hybrid between a VC and an incubator — not only do they invest capital in their member companies, but they also provide a whole suite of in-house services — from talent and office space to technology needs.

Category: Incubator/VC firm


VentureSHOT offers a number of programs across a variety of verticals aimed at helping tech companies grow. From strategic growth to mentorship and collaboration initiatives, VentureSHOT can assist with a wide array of goals.

Location: 744 N. Wells St.

Category: Incubator


1871’s WiSTEM is designed specifically for women who run startups. Though not an accelerator or incubator in the traditional sense, the 16-week program is nevertheless tailor-made to work with women growing tech companies and the unique challenges (and opportunities) they face.

Location: Merch Mart

20 Chicago Incubators and Accelerators

Any of the above incubators or accelerators are sure to put your startup on the right track. With the right support, the future of your startup is bright.

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