Think About Change as a Benefit

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Change on a larger scale is something that inevitably every company goes through from time to time. Change due to technology, market shifts and processes are probably happening quite frequently in your workplace.

Most people however, don’t really like change. In fact, most people have a completely negative attitude about change.

But change shouldn’t be viewed as the enemy. It doesn’t necessarily always result in unwelcomed events. For example, a company move or acquisition can lead to a greatly improved work space or the opportunity for flextime. So change needs to be managed effectively by you and your employees to lead to better organizational results.

So how do you develop a positive change attitude in your employees and throughout your workplace? Organizations need to foster an atmosphere that embraces the opportunities created by change through communication and empowerment. The Association for Talent Development offers eight key initiatives supervisors should utilize to manage a fluid work environment.

Help employees learn how to add value to their positions

Every position in the company is important, it’s within every employee to make further contributions to their role. Others often look to those who add value to the organization for help and guidance during time of change or uncertainty.

Emphasize that employees should discuss their goals with supervisors

And supervisors need to ensure that they are communicating up the ladder what future opportunities their direct reports are looking for.

Partner with your employees to develop a career success plan

Create objectives for employees along with a list of things they need from their supervisor to succeed. During times of change be sure to update goals and objectives to meet new company requirements.

Continuously strive to create a culture of learning

Because change will happen and bring new opportunities, be ready to help guide employees toward the skills they will need to be successful in the future. For employees to become indispensable, they need to learn a skill set that is essential or unique to the future of the company.

Keep employees challenged

Help workers understand that competition is all around them. In today’s small businesses, even growing from 10 to 20 employees will have a big impact of organizational flow and reporting structures.

Encourage employees to network and stay connected with others in the industry

It’s an important way to remain tuned into the most current information and data available. Connected employees are also a great way to brand your company and keep it growing.

Build employees’ personal employment brands

Assist workers in seeing the value of the image they project in the workplace and its importance to their career growth. If workers can better understand this concept, it will help them during times of change and positively instruct their decision-making abilities.

Be a change champion within your company

One of the key strengths of many small businesses is their flexibility. Flexibility requires constant change and employee adaptability. Creating a team that accepts and thrives in this atmosphere will produce results that surpass most company goals.

Harnessing the power of change can help transform a small business and continue its momentum toward success.

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