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As a startup, you want as many eyes as possible on your business and there are a number of ways to do it. Startup directories, for example, can earn you attention from vast audiences that would have otherwise never stumbled upon your company. With many directories out there, you couldn’t possibly submit your business on every one of them, so we’ve narrowed that list down to some of the best directories. Read on for the full list.

23 Top Startup Directories

Product Hunt – a directory of new products in variety of fields: from IoT and mobile apps to software and even online services

BetaList – a place to share beta stage IT startup with the world and get early user feedback

Launching Next – showcases the world’s most promising new startups every day

Adhipster – free social media cross-promotion: people share your ad for free, you share theirs in return

Startup Buffer – the place where new projects are promoted – a free resource for startups looking to tell the world about their new products

InnMind – a global directory of innovative startups: gives you exposure, promotion opportunities and access to the target investors

Crunch Base – a place to submit your startup profile and follow others

AngelList – a place to pitch for investors and to hire employees

Startup Beat – a pitchdesk for early stage startups

Killer Startups – an another pitch desk, but without stage limitations

The Startup Pitch – and one more platform to pitch your startup or application

SignUp First – a place to get early adopters in exchange of exclusive deals

Founderdating – a place to find co-founders, team members or like-minded professionals

Venture Beat – a platform to submit a story about tech startup

Ycombinator – a place to submit your startup announces and/or ask for an advice

Breakpoint – a place to share and receive feedback on your side projects and startups

YourStory – a platform to tell your startup story and promote it on the internet. Mostly for India based startups – discover the latest startups launched. Let the world know your startup/products

Betapage – browse, discover, hunt startups and new ideas

/Startups – largest reddit community of startups, a good place to list your project, ask advice and find early adopters

I Am Wire – a place to submit the digital startup and share your story

F6S – a platform to submit your startup and apply for acceleration programs

Honorable Mentions

Here are some additional directories for your startup if you’re willing to put in some extra work.

Over 100 Directories to Get You Started

There you have it, some of the best directories for your startup. Don’t let your competitors outshine you – get yourself listed on the same directories and use as much of your information possible to help you stand out. In a startup environment where everyone is fighting for attention, you’ll be one step ahead.

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