Unboxing Experiences Can Build Brand Loyalty for Small Businesses

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People love receiving packages in the mail. It’s a little gift to themselves. You’ll see that with subscription boxes, offering monthly or weekly goodies in the mail, usually in nicely packaged boxes. But subscription boxes don’t need to be the only companies offering their orders in neat little boxes. Small businesses of all kinds can use this tactic for better brand recognition, customer loyalty, and shareability.

Customer interest is there, too. Just take a look at how much the search term ‘unboxing’ has grown recently.

Unboxing Searches

Stand out before you stand behind your competitors. We break down the importance of unboxing and some tips below.

Why are unboxing experiences valuable?

It distinguishes your brand.

Unboxing is the perfect way to make your brand memorable. The box can tell your brands story through and through. It also differentiates you from other brands and lets you stand apart from the pack. It’s far more memorable to have a bold box with extra gifts for the buyer than the generic cardboard box. Even something as a branded box will help you better stand out.

Dollar Shave Club Unboxing

It builds customer loyalty.

Better branding means better customer loyalty. The fun little surprise of your unboxing experience will make consumers more likely to buy again. And it’s backed by stats – 52% of consumers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from an online merchant that delivers premium packaging. Now that new customers know the type of delivery experience they get from your business, they’ll be excited to experience it again.

It’s shareable.

A customer may even be so excited about your box that they decide to share it with friends. Either through conversation or, even better, the Internet. With the rise of video and visual social platforms, consumers are more inclined than ever to take photos and show off what they receive. It may be as simple as a quick snapshot for Instagram or Snapchat to something as elaborate as an unboxing video, which is very popular on YouTube. It may be a little extra cost to create the experience, but the free boost of word-of-mouth and social sharing can offset this.

YouTube Unboxing

What goes into a box?

Branded Packaging

It all starts with the packaging. Make sure your brand is clearly visible throughout the experience. The box itself should be branded, as should the packing tape. Also consider fun stickers – that’ll be more free promotion as customers display them where others can see them.

Branded Unboxing

Packing Material

Standard bubble-wrap works well to keep products intact, but it’s not memorable. Colorful packing material – like tissue paper – makes the package feel like a gift and makes it look nicer overall.


Speaking of gifts, extra products or samples, additional to what was ordered, actually do act as presents for the customer. Consider an item that helps the customer use the product. Or a sample of a similar product the customer might like. A little bonus to their purchase is always exciting and creates a fonder unboxing memory.

Promotional Inserts

A cross-sell insert is a great way to encourage repeat business. Use the insert for product instructions and to provide background information about the product. You can finish the note with a reminder to come back or to follow your social media pages. Inserts can even recommend new products, related to what they bought or discounts for future purchases. All entice the customer to buy again.

A Thank You Note

Without the customers, your business would be nowhere, so never forget to thank them. Appreciation allows your company to build a better relationship with the customer. Consider personalizing or handwritten notes, if possible, for an even greater experience.

Branded Thank You Note

Go Green

Or you could skip all the fluff and keep the box noticeably simplistic. Less packing materials and packaging made of recycled or environmentally-friendly materials will make a positive statement for your brand. Dell kept this idea in mind when it used bamboo packaging.

Important Considerations

Unboxing isn’t for everyone. If unboxing isn’t contributing to repeat business, extra promotion, or your ROI, it’s not worth it. For inexpensive products with minimal margins to begin with, think twice. For more expensive products or products with wide margins, however, this may be a fantastic branding and marketing investment to consider. Doing so may increase brand awareness and ensure customers come back. Unboxing experiences are also flexible; you can go as simple (branded boxes only) to as extravagant (freebies, branding, etc.) as you like. If it makes sense, move ahead and create this fun experience.

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